About Shawn Olyaie

1370285646_shawn16With a background in nightclub management of more than a decade, Shawn Olyaie currently guides 1929 Management as operating partner. He oversees a full range of corporate activities that include bookings, marketing, and operational management of the popular nightclub Aston Manor. Shawn Olyaie and his team are currently working toward the launch of a new restaurant, called Rock and Roll Sushi.

Having double majored in sociology and political science at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Mr. Olyaie took a position with Pure Management in 2002. As director of marketing for seven years, he was responsible for the Las Vegas entertainment and hospitality firm’s publicity and promotional endeavors. Mr. Olyaie oversaw approximately 50 VIP hosts who met and engaged with customers of local venues such as Venus Pool, Pure Nightclub, Social House, and LAX. He subsequently left Pure Management for the 9 Group (at Palms Casino Resort), where he served for a year as VIP Host Manager.

Shawn Olyaie has a passion for boxing and has long followed the careers of welterweight fighters such as Floyd Mayweather, Jr.


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